To use the JScrollDesktopPane in an existing project, simply replace all declarations of JDesktopPane with JScrollDesktopPane. Such declarations usually occur once per project. Since JScrollDesktopPane works with any JInternalFrames you might have, no further modifications to your code are necessary!

For example, suppose you have a Java file that declares a desktop pane as follows:

	1.  JFrame f = new JFrame("Test Desktop");
	2.  // create the desktop instance and add it to the JFrame
	3.  JDesktopPane dPane = new JDesktopPane();
	4.  f.getContentPane().add(dPane);

You would import the org.jscroll.* package and replace line 3 with:

  	JScrollDesktopPane dPane = new JScrollDesktopPane();

It's that simple! Your program is now running with the JScroll Desktop Pane!