Package org.jscroll.widgets

Interface Summary
DesktopConstants This interface provides a set of reusable constants for use by other classes in the system.
FrameAccessorInterface This interface exposes the accessor and mutator (getter and setter) methods required to get and set the internal frame associated with an implementing class.

Class Summary
ConstructWindowMenu This class constructs the "Window" menu items for use by DesktopMenu.
DesktopListener This class provides common Component and Action Listeners for other objects in the system.
DesktopMediator This class coordinates state changes between other classes in the system.
DesktopMenu This class provides the optional "Window" menu for the scrollable desktop.
DesktopResizableToolBar This class provides the resizable toolbar for the scrollable desktop.
DesktopScrollPane This class provides the scrollpane that contains the virtual desktop.
EmptyDesktopIconUI This class provides an empty DesktopIconUI for RootDesktopPane.
FramePositioning This class provides internal frame positioning methods for use by DesktopScrollPane.
JScrollDesktopManager This class provides a custom desktop manager for RootDesktopPane.
JScrollInternalFrame This class provides a custom internal frame.
RootDesktopPane This class provides a custom desktop pane.
RootMenuItem This class creates a generic base menu item.
RootRadioButtonMenuItem This class creates a base radio button menu item.
RootToggleButton This class creates a base toggle button.

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